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The e-commerce strategy is based on all the plans you set up for the smooth running of your e-commerce activity. Indeed, it starts from the first step which is the market study to measure the feasibility of your future activity to end with methods of customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

So how to adopt the right strategy for your e-commerce.



As we already know, market research is the first step. It consists in analyzing the existing online market to know the best trends and to be able to differentiate. This involves several tools such as keyword research on google, the study of trends on marketplaces…


Customer acquisition methods in e-commerce are based on online advertising and of course free methods such as SEO which is well optimized when you have created your online store on the Woocommerce software because indeed, Woocommerce allows you to create product sheets by introducing the media (photos) of your products, the description of your products optimized SEO thanks to its block editor.

You can even add a page entirely dedicated to the blog to give tips and tricks on your products/services as well as the merits. This would increase the added value and notoriety (celebrity) of your e-commerce site when we know that, the blog increases the credibility of your activity through the information you put there and in addition, you will be visible around the world from the search results on google which ensures good traffic when you use the right keywords.

The icing on the cake, with Woocommerce, you even have access to extensions that allow you to exploit marketplace traffic. I propose you how to make your online store profitable on Woocommerce.

Good! you have the winning product that you sell and you get enough traffic on your e-commerce site looking for your products. Now, you need to analyze all the interactions on your site to chase visitors. This would go through analysis on Google analytics and of course abandoned cart recovery. Finally, we will enter the third step which is customer loyalty to keep your customers constant and why not make them brand ambassadors.


Although customer loyalty in e-commerce is much more focused on the quality of the product delivered and delivery times, because indeed! a customer delivered exactly as specified on your e-commerce site trusts you more and is ready to return for satisfaction, there are also aspects on your site that you must integrate to activate the customer’s return. For example, we have loyalty points that reward regular customers and as a tip, we offer you to start counting loyalty points from the first purchase to the point of rewarding the second purchase why not and finally, use emailing to continue to make special discounts to your loyal customers.


Making a customer a brand ambassador, is the best thing to do to perpetrate your sales because a satisfied customer, usually brings another just by recommendation around him. People who appreciate your products/services on this customer take it for tangible proof and are ultimately very sensitive to all its recommendations: this is what will be called word-of-mouth marketing. Thus, a customer is a source of income for a company.

So it’s very simple the optics would be to offer a customer a financial or material reward if he managed to recommend your products / services to the point of bringing sales and this translates into affiliate or referral programs.

Discover the difference between an affiliate program and a referral program.

How is this possible? For an online business that is still called a SAAS company because it uses software to showcase its business, you can create affiliate or referral program using the Growsurf software that does not require any line of code and holds free online support when you register on Growsurf. Then, we even offer you how to succeed in a referral program or affiliate campaign.

In search of a winning strategy for your e-commerce, here is the secret revealed. You can contact us for support.



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