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Cybersecurity is a two-word word consisting of the word cyber which refers to the use of the Internet and security which is security itself. In other words, cybersecurity simply means how to ensure your security on the internet?

Many of us do not know the need to ensure its safety on the Internet when we think that browsing the Internet is not dangerous but quite the contrary! as there is a conduct to be held in working life such as not hanging out alone at late hours in the streets, there are also guidelines to respect or adapt to ensure its safety on the web.



Ensuring its security on the Internet becomes very interesting when we talk about cybercrime which consists in having the secret codes of a person or a company on the web to harm that person or company.

Indeed, a cybercriminal aims to hold your personal data this through computer programs or espionage to make your personal space on the web his favorite place to manipulate you at will to the point of stealing or paralyzing your work.

Here are 4 common types of threats on the web and how to protect against these attacks.

Cybercrime arises with the desire to possess another person’s bank data to embezzling money, or for reasons of competition, prevent a third party from exercising normally on the web. This is why codes of life are born on the Internet to browse safely.

Learn how to protect your personal data on the web.


VPN is very important for its security on the internet because it redirects all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to protect you from online spying, whether it’s hackers, governments or internet service providers. It also hides your IP address to protect you from internet restrictions so you will be able to browse all types of sites and applications without limit and safely.

Peut être une image de texte qui dit ’வ atlasVPN Online Security Made Easy Ultra Ultra-fast. No logs. No data limit. GET NOW’

Indeed, throughout your browsing, your digital journey is not private because marketers, data brokers, Internet service providers and other companies all follow you on the web to spy on your online behavior in order to offer you their services or better know your browsing history. With a VPN, your browsing remains private because your digital journey is directly redirected via a secure tunnel and therefore, it is only you and the VPN who know the different pages or applications that you have opened.

Security on the internet is a very important aspect of the assured protection of your data on the web so, spotting dangerous sites on the web is not a given thing when you are not a specialist.

Although the security index of a site is https, clicking on a link without knowing a priori its content can represent a very dangerous act for you or your company as well, the VPN comes to block potentially dangerous websites in order to avoid phishing, online scams, malware and other online threats.

Also, surfing a public wifi puts your connection at risk as network managers and hackers could intercept your connection to see everything you do online. So, security is required once again and the VPN reappearing to protect your connection by redirecting your traffic through a secure tunnel accompanied by encryption.

Thanks to atlas VPN! in addition to encrypting your traffic via a secure tunnel and your IP address, it protects all your computers, mobile, Windows tablet, Mac OS, Ios and Android against malware thus offering you unlimited protection.

In addition, with Atlas VPN, enjoy increased connection speed without connection limits and nearly 750 servers in more than 27 locations worldwide for ever better service. Atlas VPN ensures your online privacy, blurs your geographical position so that you surf anonymously to access all applications and website without any blocking.

Atlas VPN is the new solution in terms of online protection because now, once you have connected to an atlas VPN server, all traffic from this point will be scrambled using the most advanced encryption protocols. All encrypted data will be redirected through a secure tunnel preventing external entities from spying on your activities.

Governments, hackers, and even your internet service provider will no longer have access to your information about your internet activity but nevertheless, it is likely that the internet service provider will know that you are using a VPN and that your encrypted data is traveling to a remote server.

NOTE: Hackers are cunning individuals who can use various tactics to compromise your security. Never give your data to unknown entities and avoid clicking on links or downloading files from suspicious emails.

Take atlas VPN to strengthen your online security.



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