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Generating leads still means in other words having more leads.

So, our topic is how to have more prospects?

Awesome! Having prospects is the question that any entrepreneur would ask himself because it is to the prospect that we will communicate on our offers according to the stages of the sales funnel but before being a prospect, he is first an avatar.

Great! none tend to confuse lead generation and lead magnet!

Mistake because, the lead magnet is very different from the lead generation.

The lead magnet is one more element to attract prospects to move from one step to another in the sales process while, lead generation is all the process that allows to have more prospects.

So how do you generate more leads? We’re going:



In view of the above definition, we can already understand the mechanism that will generate more leads namely social networks.

Indeed, social networks are the number one tool that allows you to generate more leads because they allow you to communicate about your offers all by carrying out digital advertising campaigns for targeting and retargeting. It is therefore a technique that consists in going to the avatar, transforming it into a prospect and then into a customer by means of a beautiful community management strategy.

Why didn’t we list the search engines?

Because, the results of search engines in terms of prospecting are not instantaneous. Making blog posts to explain how your products / services work is very good for the brand image of your company especially when you introduce call-to-action buttons that will allow you to sell briefly to convert the visitor.

So that these items are visible instantly, you have to use Google ADS advertising to appear in first position on search engines or failing that, improve all aspects of your website and articles so that they appear in the long run for free on search engines.

Thus, your informative blog posts will only be visible to people who are already looking for solutions in your field on search engines while, you can also share these articles on social networks and create targeted ads on social networks that will immediately visit your articles.

So, social networks remain the tool par excellence to generate leads in addition to the fact that, the links of your articles on social networks are your first backlinks in the success of SEO.

Do you know how to audit a website?

We also have the newsletter which is a sales channel but, is the final phase of the buying process so, it does not intervene in the lead generation but rather in the maturation of the lead to make him a customer and finally a brand ambassador. In addition, you can also use social networks to inflate your subscriber to your newsletter.


Having leads these days has been made easier by targeting your advertising campaigns directly to the avatar (i.e. people who are likely to be interested in your offers) through social networks. All you have to do is have the right community management or inbound marketing strategy if you have a website. It’s up to you.

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