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First of all, SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization from the article how to succeed in SEO and refers to the appearance of links from your showcase or e-commerce website for free on the first page of search results called SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

When we talk about links in SEO, it is much more about the links of blog articles or the links of product sheets that brings back to a detailed information page of the request that your visitor makes. Thus, SEO is the fact of appearing for free on the first page of search results which is the most visited page based on the query that the visitor makes.

The goal is to allow your site to be visited as much as possible to hope for actions on your website such as high click-through rates or even a higher conversion rate.

The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is composed of free displayed links (SEO) which are all the links of the central part, ADS ads that are above the SEO result, youtube video links, local SEO and Google shopping which is exclusively reserved for online shops.

Since the SERP receives thousands of requests per day from all over the world, it is important as an online business to appear on the SERP either through paid ads by Google ADS, or free positions favored such as SEO in order to improve your online visibility. Thus, it is to wonder how to succeed your SEO as an e-commerce site?


Free is an essential element for any entrepreneur because it is necessary to minimize the costs as much as possible. Thus, the SEO issue becomes very important when it is part of the free online advertising means. We solve it very well with the Woocommerce software which is the software par excellence for the creation of e-commerce sites.

Extremely easy to use, Woocommerce allows you to create an e-commerce site just by filling in credentials, update it using the free support of Woocommerce experts, add all types of functionality from the marketing aspect to delivery thanks to downloadable extensions of your choice.

Brief! With Woocommerce, there is no limit to inspiration no matter what kind of services you want to sell from selling products/services to subscriptions, bookings and tickets online, everything is possible on Woocommerce.


This question is quite simple to answer when you know that in addition to the easy access to have an e-commerce site on Woocommerce, the software has huge potential in terms of SEO because Woocommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add an online store on your WordPress blog.

That said! you can start blogging on the most recognized blogging platform which is WordPress in order to prepare the mind of your future customers through well-detailed information of your project, to finish by adding an online store using the Woocommerce extension to materialize your project.

Your online store will therefore consist of an informative blog, very important for an e-commerce site, to give information (advice) on the use of your products / services, and the shop itself that will be used to edit all your products / services such as images / videos accompanied by the description and the means of payment to sell better.

The icing on the cake! In addition to having an SEO-optimized blog on wordpress, which is used to animate your online store, you can insert payment methods on this blog using the editing block. Then, edit your products on the Woocommerce platform which is also done using the editing block and is very optimized for SEO.

However, you can add more of a layer of pep to your SEO using extensions like  WooCommerce SEO by WordLiftGoogle listing ADS and SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce.


At a very low price, WooCommerce SEO by WordLift solves three common problems for ecommerce sites:

  • It automatically displays your products on Google Shopping
  • With just one click, it connects your products and editorial content
  • It improves navigation with powerful recommendation widgets.

What’s in WooCommerce SEO by WordLift?

  • Produces state-of-the-art structured data for WordPress pages, posts, homepage, and products
  • Allows you to manually annotate your pages with related products
  • Adds identical linked data as to your pages
  • Allows you to create the following entity types: Product, Item, FAQPage, Person, Organization, and Purpose
  • Adds persistent URIs to your entities
  • Allows you to add a product navigator to your pages
  • Allows you to add product context maps to any page on your website.

Additional features of WordLift Professional

  • Creates a product chart that improves rankings
  • Allows you to analyze your SEO results by keeping track of the ranking of your targeted keywords
  • Analyzes any type of content on your website from product pages to blog posts and allows you to connect it with products and product categories via internal links
  • Allows you to enrich your content with more visual widgets such as content recommendation widgets, maps, event timelines, and more.
  • Suggests beautiful free images related to your content
  • Automatically summarizes your posts and pages and suggests a meta description
  • Allows you to add pagination and table of contents to your long articles
  • Allows you to share your vocabulary via your website’s network


Google listing ADS allows you to synchronize your online store with Google Merchant Center, which is used to synchronize your store data and products with Google to make information available for free ads on the Shopping tab and Google Shopping Ads.

With Google Listings & Ads:

  • Seamlessly connect your store to Google Merchant Center.
  • Reach online shoppers with free ads.
  • Increase in-store traffic and sales with Performance Max campaigns.
  • Track performance directly from your store’s dashboard.


SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is user-friendly and performance-oriented. It increases usability, customer satisfaction and site traffic. In addition, it allows you to add metadata on product pages:

  • URL
  • Title
  • H1
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords

With SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce, you can formulate unique meta tags, such as title, H1, description, and keywords for each product page based on the current filter settings.

Manage the number and quality of landing pages
To get more traffic from searches, you need landing pages optimized for SEO.  SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce helps you create as many as you want based on your choice of filter configuration, by category, brand, and product page attributes.

They are automatically adapted to search optimization, ready to bring you customers.

Avoid displaying bad links
The plugin allows you to restrict the display of empty pages without content on the page. Users don’t want to waste time visiting empty pages, and search engines know that. Limit bad links and protect your organic search rankings.

Automate sitemap management
Save time by automatically adding newly generated links to your sitemap, without manual input. Links will be added to the website map to report changes to search engine bots.


Widgets for all filters are convenient and flexible to adjust. These include price filter, active filters, and brands. Manage widgets from a single dashboard.

Focused on user experience

Lazy loading and Ajax filters optimize product page load speeds and display filtering results without reloading. Demonstrating available attributes only serves the same purpose with the filtering modes in sale, stock, and evaluation. In addition to all of the above, we’ve added a hover drop-down list for a sleek navigation menu and category icons for the filter interface.

Customize filters

The SEO-friendly filter is customizable to fit the style of a particular business, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. You can choose fonts, colors, and styles, or customize field types with preferred borders and filter titles. Options include price sliders, checkbox lists, radio lists, drop-down lists, color lists, box lists, text lists, and more.

With the shortcode and custom taxonomy provided, users can enjoy your filters on any page.

Compatibility with woocommerce’s most popular tools

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is compatible with Yoast, Rank Math SEO and All in One SEO, Elementor Builder and the most popular themes that save time, give a complete overview of site performance and rearrange system imperfections.


You want to succeed in your SEO in e-commerce, everything starts by choosing the Woocommerce software that naturally boosts SEO using its editing block, add a blog and finalize with seo extensions useful to your taste. Contact us for support.



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