Definition of the word marketing-What is marketing? Marketing Pro

We would not have completed our mission if we had not devoted a special issue to the definition of marketing because, indeed, given that our project is called Marketing Pro International, it is more than necessary to address this subject in depth to better shed light on what marketing is and its preponderant role in sales.



Marketing meets several definitions depending on the context but we will give you the definition that follows from the word in question.

In the words marketing, we have the main word market which means market i.e. customers and sellers and the suffix ing which is the action to do.

In other words, marketing is the action of making the market but who exactly is this market for? it is the answer that will decipher the whole riddle.

In this context, it is the holder of a product/service who makes the market to sell and not the customer in search of a product/service, which is why marketing encompasses several variables because to sell better, we take into account the needs/expectations of customers and the environment.

How can you sell a product that doesn’t help anyone? how can you sell a product that is useless? how can you sell a product that is not adapted to the current context according to cultures and habits? Thus, to make sales is to find the product that is expected on the market, it is to find the rare pearl, it is to meet the expectations of consumers, it is to participate in the daily life of people by providing them with goods and services that are useful to them.


However, you’re not the only person who thought about selling for a living! it is for its that we will talk about competition because while you think of selling jewelry to beautify women, there are thousands of jewelry producers and thousands of jewelry resellers for which reason, we will talk about competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd.

This was only the overall definition of marketing because to achieve your goals in terms of competitive advantage and sales, you need a market study beforehand to discover your competitors in order to offer a better product. This is the preliminary phase before entering the practical phase of marketing which consists of product design, pricing, type of communication and distribution channels.

I let you discover the different types of marketing that you can use to better sell your products.


The role of marketing is to improve sales. Why did we assign him this role? because in the concept of marketing, it is a question of better understanding the market before proposing a product that can sell for reason why, a marketing study must be done by experts to give you forecasts true at least 90%.

At the end of a marketing study, a marketing plan must be made to give you all the steps of your future actions to make the sale.

Need a market study and a marketing plan that is successful with details of your actions, contact Marketing Pro International to ensure your project.



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