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We all know that dropshiping is a form of e-commerce. In other words, dropshipping is an e-trader with the only peculiarity that you do not have stock of merchandise! You are the wholesaler’s marketer who makes the deliveries.

Check out the definition and practice of dropshipping.

Then, when you’re dropshipper, it means you own an online store that you update with new products for sale in a timely manner but then owning an online store is not enough! You need to exploit advertising channels like marketplaces that receive huge recurring traffic and social networks to complete your traffic.

Since you have several choices as a dropshipper, whether to own an e-shop or create a sales space on Amazon, we offer you a two-in-one solution that will allow you to exploit both possibilities simultaneously and therefore be the best beneficiary: It’s about creating your online store on Woocommerce and syncing it to the marketplace using the right extensions.


Creating an online store is the best choice to make as an e-retailer because you become the owner of an e-commerce site and you therefore have a wide scope for the development of your online store such as delivery options, opportunities to offer loyalty gifts, better analysis of your traffic to determine the origin of your recurring visitors in order to better orient your sales , the possible exploitation of all available sales channels such as social networks, marketplaces and newsletters and in addition, you can even turn your online store into a marketplace.

Find out why and how to migrate from an e-shop to a marketplace.

The process of creating an e-commerce website is even more simplified through Woocommerce which requires no necessary expertise. Just information about the object of your site and within minutes your site is created.


To succeed in your dropshipping, you must first choose a good software for creating your e-shop, that is, software that allows you to add as many options as you want to be able to better serve your customers online and track the data for better tracking. Then, operate all available advertising channels. This is Woocommerce software.

Here are top 7 extensions for the success of your dropshipping on Woocommerce.

  • Aliexpress dropshipping for Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce dropshipping
  • Woocommerce Amazon Fufillment
  • Shipping per product
  • Woocommerce distance rate shipping
  • Woocommerce print invoice
  • Ecomdash


Aliexpress dropshipping for woocommerce allows the product to be moved from the Aliexpress platform to your e-commerce site. You can now start your dropshipping by adding AliExpress products to your online store with just a few clicks and start selling at prices set based on your charges.

Sell high-end Aliexpress products on your online store using the Aliexpress dropshipping for woocommerce extension and enjoy huge features like product search on Aliexpress by keywords, instant import of products for sale, export of product URLs in a CSV format, bulk product import, automatic price timing and AliExpress stocks in real time , increase your profit margin by increasing fixed prices or percentage increases.


Woocommerce dropshipping also allows Aliexpress products to be imported into your online store. With Woocommerce dropshipping’s Chrome extension, you can import Aliexpress products easily. Just visit the page of the product you want to import and click « Import. »

WooCommerce Dropshipping automatically generates order notifications and sends them to your suppliers via email. These notifications contain everything the supplier needs to know to ship the item, such as order details, addresses and chosen shipping methods.

Supplier inventory can be imported from a CSV file provided by your supplier. This is ideal for bulk products assigned to the same supplier.

Add your store’s branding and contact information to every order notification. Include your logo, contact information and more in order notifications sent to suppliers.

With Woocommerce dropshipping, your dropshipping providers will have access to a locked version of your e-commerce site. After logging in, they can view order details, addresses and shipping information for customers who purchase their products, check order status and mark them as « complete, » download the packaging slip of a pdf order format.


Woocommerce Amazon Fufillment allows you to automatically ship orders from your WooCommerce site to your customers through FBA. This extension will allow Amazon to choose, pack, ship and track orders for you!

Indeed, Woocommerce Amazon Fufillment allows you to operate the Amazon shipping service from your woocommerce store which is ultra fast called Amazon FBA which also allows you to exploit the advertising space of the Amazon marketplace as well as its well-known and appreciated shipping service.

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment sends orders to FBA automatically after detecting the full WooCommerce payment event. It has been tested with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Amazon Payments, but it should work with any other payment method that is properly designed for WooCommerce that triggers full payment action.

However, the value of each SKU product in WooCommerce must perfectly match the SKU Seller field in FBA to allow Amazon to process, package and ship the order (this means it is super sensitive!). Whenever the full payment requirement for an order is detected, WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment will send the order, customer and product information to FBA as an outgoing fulfillment order for the products in the shopping cart that are set to fill through Amazon. In case of an error, the plugin will send you an email notification and record a command note with a detailed record of the order data and error.

Check out our special e-book that explains how to successfully dropshipping based on your financial abilities



Shipping per product allows you to set the different shipping costs of the products based on the customer’s location. You can add costs to other shipping methods.

Through Shipping by Product,

  • Set costs per product by line and item
  • Set costs by variant by line and item
  • Set costs based on destination
  • Import and export tariffs via the integrated single CSV manager
  • Add costs per product to other shipping methods


Woocommerce distance rate shipping allows you to offer shipping rates based on distance or total travel time to the customer.

Thanks to Woocommerce distance rate shipping, you can charge based on distance, total journey time and charge additional fees based on the total value of the basket, the total weight of the products in the basket and the number of items in the basket. This extension requires a Google account because it uses Google Maps, the Google Distance Matrix API and the Google Maps Embed API for locations.


Woocommerce print invoice et packing list is the ultimate tool for managing invoices, packing lists and choice lists in your WooCommerce store. This plugin allows you to easily print documents for orders directly from the Orders page (individually and in bulk), while editing orders, and allows the customer to view invoices from the « My Account » page.


This extension is very important to give information about orders to your customers when they receive their parcels. In other words, it is the printing of invoices for better traceability.


Ecomdash allows you to sync your Woocommerce online store with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more to allow you to tap into the marketplaces’ sales spaces and benefit from their huge traffic.


Under our key extensions to the success of your dropshiping on Woocommerce, we have given you the elements to adopt to facilitate the importation of Aliexpress products on your online store, items to benefit from the Amazon FBA shipping service if you want to take it to the next level, items to edit your prices based on delivery locations , elements to design and print your invoices and items to exploit marketplace traffic. You can complete them with top 9 extensions to make your e-shop profitable.

Check out our e-commerce training to find out which product niche to choose according to your market, how to dropshipping and how to update your online store.



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