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E-commerce is the action of selling via an e-commerce site that can be either your online store, or a marketplace like Amazon for example. So if you want to create an e-commerce site to sell your goods or services online, it is to be wondered which theme to choose for your e-commerce site.

Indeed, once you have created your online shop by choosing an e-commerce plan on wordpress.com, the next step is the choice of theme that will allow to have menus and short content bring design to your shop. Check out the role of a theme.

Next, which theme to choose to set an aesthetic tone for your online store?


Before answering this very relevant question, we will give you the particular characteristics of an e-commerce site.


E-commerce websites are online shops ie that make in the actual online sale to the point of exposing the items for sale directly on the home page that is the subject of the site.

It is true that even showcase sites have online payment methods, but are not e-commerce sites in the sense that an e-commerce site specializes only in the flow of physical or digital products online which is the main factor of the site while the site showcases to present the services you offer in short the activities of your structure.

From the webdesign article.

So to create an e-commerce site, it states that you have products or services to sell and you want to exploit the website to benefit from a reduction in the rental burden because, indeed, having opted for an online shop, you can sell in all the territories of your country and even out of your country with the same site provided you could make your deliveries.

The e-commerce site then becomes a facilitator of national and international trade and its success will depend on the type of merchandise depending on the market.


When you are ready to start your e-commerce site, simply go to the platform wordpress.com, enter your personal data such as username, passwords, the field of activity you want exercised… Choose an e-commerce plan and opt for the storefront theme that’s free and easy to customize whether using the WordPress dashboard, a custom plugin or a child theme. You can also go directly to the Woocommerce platform and enter your personal data.

Storefront is designed and updated by Woocommerce’s leading developers to ensure it has a seamless collaboration between a WooCommerce site, WooCommerce extensions and the Storefront theme.

Storefront’s role is to present your e-commerce site’s homepage in the form of product categories, recent products, featured products, products on sale and the highest rated products.

This is the theme dedicated to e-commerce that offers responsive e-commerce sites.


With Storefront, create a bespoke online store and change it as you please with the WordPress dashboard to bring out an online store unique to your identity. You can always use storefront additive extensions to add features to your online store.

If you are doing in products or services that require a reservation before you can access them, check out how to design an online booking site.


Storefront the theme per excellence to develop an e-commerce site has extensions still called plugin dedicated to it to further improve the appearance and profitability of your e-commerce site. These include:

–Storefront extension Bundle which is used to change the head, foot, font, colors and layouts of your store, without touching any code. Add a contact form, customer reviews. Use features like checkout mode and reviews on your product pages to create a more explicit shopping experience. Easily add an expanded menu, a bespoke mobile menu and control the look of your picture gallery.

Powerpack allows you to change the layout of your store’s header, change the colors, fonts and layouts of almost any item, change the text, the cash flow. Preview your changes instantly in the Customizer. Make changes to a single product page or globally.

Homepage personalize the screen by adding your contact information via the Customizer.

Hamburger transforms the default pocket navigation into an off-screen sidebar menu with a burger tip.

Product sharing adds an attractive sharing component to product pages. Invite visitors to share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email.

Footer Bar adds a full-width widget region above the default area. Personalize the screen by adding a background image and changing colors via the Customizer.

Mega menu gives the power to turn any menu item into a full-width dropdown. The easy-to-use Drag-Drop interface lets you add widgets that can be rearranged to display any content you want in browsing your website.

Storefront Review allows you to post comments on your homepage in a variety of styles, or anywhere on your site via the included shortcode. Reading a notice impacts a purchase decision, so the Storefront Review extension will display customer feedback on your homepage or at strategic points on your e-commerce site.

Pricing Tables is an effective way to display the difference between a small number of products. List the features between different subscriptions, or complex products, and then give visitors a way to add their chosen product to their shopping cart.

Product Hero allows you to showcase any product on your site on any page. With a clever combination of images of your product, you can create a powerful conversion on a page for your chosen product.

Blog customizer gives you the ability to give your blog a unique design that suits your content and post blog content on your homepage.

Storefront is the theme for your online shop, but it can be used for standard blogs and magazine websites. An active blog that holds a large number of readers is very beneficial for an e-commerce site so this extension may be useful for your online shop associated with its blog and as a reminder, you can create a blog on your Woocommerce online store.

-Storefront parallax Hero adds a customizable hero product component to your homepage model (product merchandising).


If you’ve thought about creating an online store, it’s a good idea when you know that the online store is a way to sell your goods or services and receive payments directly online. Just do a market research of the targeted market and choose the Woocommerce software that has all the features possible to optimize your online store and be able to make the most of it. See why Woocommerce is the best e-commerce solution.

You can always benefit from our e-commerce training to know how to do a market research and how to update your e-shop according to your expectations.



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