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The marketing plan are the different actions of your marketing strategy. In other words, it is the practical part of your marketing strategy that is the theoretical part.

Many people confuse these two concepts because the process for developing a marketing strategy and a marketing plan is similar, in other words, you go through a strategy to develop a plan. Today, we want to shed more light on this difference.

In one of our recent articles on marketing strategy, we stated that the digital marketing strategy is:

All the plans you’ve put in place to carry out your digital sales

In the definition of the marketing strategy, there is the word plan that appears but in this context, it is about the reflections and decisions to carry out your sales on digital. These reflections are based on the pre-market study in order to determine the potential of the market and to emerge competitive advantages to apply them in your communication phase including social networks, websites/blog, newsletters, referral program

However, once you have the winning strategy, it’s not all over yet! It’s still pretty theoretical! So we need a plan to put into practice everything that has been decided in the theory. The need for a marketing plan is immediately felt. Why a plan? The answer in the next lines.


As we stated, the marketing plan is the active part of your strategy so it’s the final part of the marketing study but the most important. Why the most important? Because without the plan, you won’t have the necessary phases of your marketing activity to better achieve your sales goals.

The marketing plan allows you to base your ideas on material form (excellent sheet) in order to measure the gradual execution of the various decisions you have made and their impact on the evolution of the business. The marketing plan is like a map of executing your marketing actions to allow you to have a direction and know what goals you are aiming for. Thanks to the marketing plan, each member of your team knows exactly what they are to achieve their goals.

Thus, the marketing plan helps to determine the objectives to be aimed at because before determining a procedure, one tends to achieve a certain objective so the marketing plan’s ultimate goal is to determine the operational objectives given your strategic objectives, to identify the phases to achieve those objectives, and to measure the effectiveness of those phases. This is the heart of your business.

In addition, when you have a marketing plan, it is easier for you to manage your business for much more specific purposes. Ideas are less sparse which makes you more efficient and productive because you can measure the results at every step and improvise the right decisions. It is of paramount importance to develop a marketing plan to know your operational objectives based on your market research, and to establish the canva for achieving these goals.


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