Entrepreneur Interview-How to benefit from the Wakadam social network? Marketing Pro

Social networks are more than ever a major growth niche because they are a meeting place between economic operators and consumers. So today we had the honor of receiving mrs serges WAMBA CEO of the pan-African social network Wakadam who gave us some of his time to explain the purpose and roles of the social network Wakadam. We are listening to it.


Marketing Pro International: Hello Mr. CEO of the pan-African social network Wakadam and delighted to welcome you to our digital premises for a learning session on the opportunities offered by the social network Wakadam. Can you introduce us to the wakadam social network?

Wakadam : Wakadam is a platform to bring together entrepreneurs as well as visitors who are passionate about the African market and want to play a leading role. Wakadam aims to offer these players a dynamic, simple and intuitive space for them to explore this market and develop their activities.


To do this, the platform has several features:

  • A marketplace that puts sellers and buyers in touch with every type of product and/or service.
  • A networking platform to be followed by potential customers or partners.
  • A Live Engine Chat to chat and interact live.
  • A financing platform to reach potential investors.
  • The ability to advertise to reach as many potential buyers as possible.
  • Direct connection with other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Integrated communication tools: online surveys, publication of videos and audios, etc.

Marketing Pro International: Why did you choose the name Wakadam for your social network?

Wakadam: The name Wakadam is broken down into two parts namely Waka which comes from Walk which means walking in English and Pidgin, walking is Waka and Dam which means Dynamic African Market. In other words, it means walking towards a dynamic African market.


Marketing Pro International: Is WAKADAM purely African? Or can anyone have a profile and a professional page?

Wakadam: Wakadam caters to all lovers and market enthusiasts, regardless of their origin. The African commercial space is our goal but everyone can come and explore and interact with this walk.

Marketing Pro International : What are the different opportunities offered by the wakadam social network?

Wakadam: Customers can come and buy products and services provided by Africans. There are organic products from our healthy agriculture, local products and African fashion. In addition, sellers can bid online and get the best prices. The idea is to give everyone the opportunity to explore a vast African market.

Marketing Pro International : How to connect to wakadam?

Wakadam: It’s extremely simple and free! just go to the site http://www.wakadam.com

Marketing Pro International : Do you have any advice for the African entrepreneur?


Wakadam : Be inventive and supportive. Africa suffers from a cruel lack of solidarity among entrepreneurs. To the African entrepreneur I advise to be inventive and creative to stand out because a company that has particularities is more successful than a company that copies. It is also the case to work as a group in a spirit of intellectual solidarity.

Marketing Pro International: Thank you for all this information.

Wakadam : Thank you also and good luck for the rest of the activities.


More about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jE2PWQnrhg&feature=youtu.be

Connect to Wakadam: https://wakadam.com/register

Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2zPqxvO |

YOUTUBE channel: https://bit.ly/2AzB5iD

LINKEDIN: https://bit.ly/3cmg7B3

FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/2Mp9Mum



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