Women’s Entrepreneurship- Tips for African Women Entrepreneurs-Marketing Pro

On the occasion of the free interview session organized by Marketing Pro International to highlight entrepreneurs to create a platform of exchange and value, we are honored to receive Madame Inès Nyassa journalist, communicator and content creator holder of the blog  https://thehighestseat.blogspot.com .

Marketing Pro International : Hello madam and delighted to welcome you to our digital premises. You are also a blogger with a focus on women’s entrepreneurship. Can you briefly present your activity?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : Good morning and thank you for your invitation. I created a blog last year dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship and sharing experiences. Alongside my blog, I created a Facebook page that is part of the continuity of the blog. I share my experience as a woman and entrepreneur.

Marketing Pro International : Why did you choose the theme entrepreneurship and more specifically feminine?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : I have always been intrigued by the fact that women are made into an extraordinary subject, as if it is surprising that a woman is entering into entrepreneurship. Women have always been enterprising and in Africa there are even more women entrepreneurs. So I decided to focus on women’s entrepreneurship because for me, women need visibility, to talk about them, their projects, the difficulties they face and the challenges they overcome.

Marketing Pro International : What are your challenges along the way?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : Initially, the challenge for me was to get started. I was afraid of outside looks, I didn’t know if my project was worth it. After that, you have to know how to organize, it’s a big challenge when you have a job, family obligations, etc. Another challenge is to figure out how to create content interesting enough and informative enough to get the message across, social networks require some control over how they work, and perseverance. You have to constantly renew yourself, interact with your subscribers, etc.

Marketing Pro International : Do you have any advice for women who want to get started?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : The main advice I could give to women is to be sufficiently prepared before starting an activity. Of course, there is no question of waiting too long, as we continue to learn along the way. Have a minimum of preparation and go for it!

Marketing Pro International : Do you think technology has a place in the world of women’s entrepreneurship? If so which one?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : Technology has its place in the world of women’s entrepreneurship. Already in terms of information and communication, new technologies are an incredible opportunity to gain visibility, to meet people, to make known its activities. Also, many women in Africa and Cameroon in particular are undertaking in areas related to technology, their opinions and knowledge matter in the community and it makes you really proud.

Marketing Pro International : How do you get your team out of here?

Ms. Inès Nyassa : Of course, I intend to expand my content creation business, and evolve in my project by giving more visibility to women. On the occasion, every woman is invited to write to us if she would like to promote her idea, her economic or social project, etc. and in addition, it is organized for any woman who already has an entrepreneurial activity the opportunity to boost her visibility for free on Friday on our Facebook page. We named this day the PINK FRIDAY. Its happens every Friday for volunteers.

I am also looking for partnerships, with women entrepreneurs, to organize activities together, organize competitions, help and educate young girls, etc.

Marketing Pro International : Thank you Madam for giving us your time and we say really well for your initiative.

Ms. Inès Nyassa : Thank you also the pleasure is shared.



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