Affiliate platform- How does the impact affiliate platform transform your life? Marketing Pro

Affiliation is part of an influencer’s work canva if he wants to create passive income, that is, income that automatically forms online even when you’re offline. This is what we called affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing?

According to our article on why and how to become an influencer? We have defined affiliate marketing as:

selling a brand’s products or services and being paid by commission when a user buys the product through your link.

So it’s an income supplement, a way to monetize your content.

Affiliation is a must for anyone who aspires to an influencer career because, it will not only allow you to produce content to boost your affiliate links, but also improve your brand image from the brands you represent. So it’s an influence booster. However, before you think about affiliate marketing, make sure you have well-structured content that adds value to hosting affiliate content. Check out the basics of content marketing.


Great you’ve started and you’re starting to be known. You drag behind you a small community that you maintain through posts. It’s exciting for you to produce posts for information in your chosen field. It’s even a fulfillment to share inspiring stories. You become an inspiration to your community, so you are an influencer.

Now you are able to have an opinion for your community as well, place to affiliate marketing because you already have the power to recommend a product or service that matches your domain through your impact. However, it’s time to ask where to find the brands that fit your niche in order to represent them? This is where the Impact affiliate platform comes in.

With Impact, you have access to a multitude of brands in all the different niches that each offer their conditions to which you can apply so, if you are a brand looking for influencers, Impact allows you to enter your offers and the conditions of membership of your program. If you are an influencer looking for an affiliate partnership, Impact will still serve you in whatever your field. I take this opportunity to tell you about a little anecdocte.


When I started my career as a blogger, I was basically community manager, i.e. passionate about graphic design, well-constructed professional images. Then I started as an online digital communication agency and I was delighted to have created my online business and to be able to serve my clients online using telework. However, I found that in addition to my service offerings through my website and social media, I could animate my blog with inspiring articles in my field and make money. It was another opportunity for me. So I started blogging about digital marketing. Along the way, I discovered the Canva tool for my designs because I needed software that allows me to create my logo, match the colors of my logo on my graphics, and write inspirational quotes on my graphics aesthetically. It was a crush! Because Canva adhered to my needs and even offered me an image library to use. So, graphic design and video side it was curly.


I was looking for an affiliate program in digital marketing because I already felt able to see my content. I wanted to work with a great brand like any professional blogger or community manager. It is at this moment that I receive an Impact offer that offers me the Canva affiliate program. What news! Looks like they listened to my thoughts. Without further ado, I applied and was entitled to all the terms and conditions of my program. After consulting and validating, I access my dashboard which allows me to take my affiliate link in the form of banner advertising or text and share it in my content to earn my commissions on sale.


Impact is an affiliate platform open to any content specialist. It is enough that your digital representations (blog, social networks) is nestled and brings good information to your audience and quickly done, you are the future multi-billionaire from affiliate marketing. If you have good content, apply on Impact. It’s free!

Today, I am delighted again. I was able to boost the image of my content thanks to the affiliaton of a brand in my field and in addition, these links will generate revenue continuously as long as my social pages and my blog are visible to the public. All I need to do is work on my SEO and my visibility on my various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… Here is a training program in SEO and community management.

Affiliation is a passive source of income, that is, it continues to produce online even when you are asleep. It’s a kind of automatic machine that you’ve implanted and you simply go through the affiliate platform to check your payment table according to the rate set in the contract when a user or user makes a purchase from your affiliate link.

This is an opportunity to monetize your blog or social media pages in addition to your service offerings. You can also use it in sending your newsletters. It doesn’t pay for it and allows you to complete your content and improve your brand image. To your business… Opportunity.



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