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First of all, before we know the role of e-commerce in the conduct of international trade, we want to know what international trade is and what are the advantages of a company for sale internationally?

International trade by its definition is sales outside national borders, which included two concepts: international marketing and international transport.

In the first concept, which is international marketing, the entrepreneur will have to take into account the political-legal, socio-cultural, competitive, economic, ecological and technological context of the country concerned in order to have offers more suited to its new market.

In the second concept, the contractor will have to take into account the different mode of transport that will allow his goods to be transported to export as soon as possible and secure packaging conditions.

But before selling internationally, there are fundamental reasons because exporting can represent an additional burden so what are the reasons to sell abroad?



An entrepreneur may want to sell abroad for several reasons:

-The search for new markets
-The saturation of the national market
-Opportunity factors (raw material, favourable economic environment…)
The search for new markets remains the most frequent element of exporting because selling abroad represents a real contribution to turnover. These are gains from new customers so there is a real interest in going outside the borders but before launching, a market study remains essential to reassure itself of profitability.


You have decided to sell abroad to grow your business so you have to go through a market study to ensure your return on investment as well, e-commerce is a huge opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Lower walking study costs
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Best transport solutions

Before the birth of e-commerce, selling abroad was a huge budget and was mainly for multinationals or very high-capacity entrepreneurs. It was necessary to weigh the level of production, the ability to ensure export (customs, taxes, taxes, transport costs) and to travel for a market study before initiating any procedure.

Exporting was then a three-pronged market study that took into account travel to better understand the new market, high costs for traditional marketing (television media, billboards, etc.) and the cost of export financing.

With the advent of the Internet, and more specifically e-commerce, your e-commerce site already represents your shop or your store so, you benefit first of all from a very low rent cost and international visibility with the help of the SEO thanks to Woocommerce software. Then, for market research, you don’t have to travel or search for information from your fellow exporters; just do market research using keyword study tools that are used to understand the behavior of your future customers. We then find that there is a saving of time and cost.

Moreover, to analyze the competition and legal obligations of new markets, adapted Google tools, search engines, marketplaces, the professional pages of your competitors are still there to inform you.


In terms of transportation, while the costs have not changed because they are the same barriers that transport travels through to get your goods, there is a revolutionary solution that appears called Amazon FBA.

To benefit from Amazon FBA, you must first be a seller on the marketplace Amazon by choosing a professional plan. Then you have the right to enter your products unlimitedly and benefit from better visibility on the marketplace. Finally, if a customer buys your product, it is Amazon services that deliver the goods for you while you sleep with your head rested in your bed so, as soon as you have your goods, send them to Amazon storage services to ensure storage and sale as soon as order.

Amazon FBA is really there to solve the problems of logistics, transport and product return that can represent a real concern for the e-trader to the point of affecting his conscience because if your package is not delivered within the expected time, you decrease your capital satisfaction and if in your delivery policy you do not plan the return in case of defective goods. , you reduce the trust of your customers so, in addition to the fact that marketplaces are one more channel to promote your products internationally, you also have access to a transport solution that ensures delivery and service after sale thus giving you peace of mind.

If you are the owner of an online store on Woocommerce, you are still the best beneficiary in e-commerce because you have a wide field of action to benefit from better traffic on all digital communication channels, a personalization of your online store to be able to manage your customers according to your desires and your possibility such as your own promotions, your default means of transport, your loyalty points, personalized and diversified means of payment… not to mention the integration with marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, ebay… as well as services offered by marketplaces.

Thus, owning an online store on Woocommerce it is to be able to be visible on Google thanks to SEO for e-commerce site, the different types of social networks, the different marketplaces, and gain increased popularity and a wider range of service choices according to the need.

Do you know how to make your online store profitable.



Increasing relevant traffic on its e-commerce site is a very big challenge to the success of your sales because it is this traffic that represents your prospects and your customers as well, use all available advertising channels such as digital advertising, and synchronization with sales marketplaces that are already receiving huge traffic.


In the end, we can say that the internet and in particular e-commerce is of a very beneficial contribution to the development of international trade, notably through the facilitation of access to information, the possibility of digitizing one’s shop or store at a lower cost thanks to Woocommerce plans, the possibility of selling around the world through marketplaces and campaigns targeted at your online shop. , finally the ability to sell around the world even without stock of merchandise cases of dropshipping.

You have a store, a supermarket, a business and you want to sell abroad, online sales is the best way to enter your new market at the lowest costs if your target market buys online. Contact us for a specialized market research to ensure your profitability and if you want to do it yourself, you can check out our e-commerce training program.

Order this e-book to better understand dropshipping (sale in the world without stock of goods or displacement on your part) and many digital opportunities.




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