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Words fly away but the writings remain. An old adage this quote but that still remains topical because experience has shown that, the research continues it does not start again then, we will resort to archives that are preserved in written content, video or audio. Thus, to develop written content, literature will be used.

Literature is a channel of communication that allows to express the facts in its contours and surroundings, to live in the present moment an event or a fact that has already taken place: it is therefore a dream master that allows to escape so, why not use the power of literature in its marketing strategy?


Literature having the power to travel the mind, to transfer one world to get there to another, it becomes very important for sale. Indeed, the sale is the conclusion of a process put in place to get the customer to take action: it is this process that we have called sales funnel in digital marketing. As a result, literature could intervene to transit minds to make a purchase or subscription especially from the writing of articles, landing pages, messages written on social networks.


Content marketing actually said is the development of content that drives for sale. We explain:

Marketing itself is the set of plans you put together to sell a product. It consists of the product aspect, the price variable, the communication to publicize the product and distribution channels to ensure the availability of the product to the target audience. We will talk about the four marketing variables: Product, Price, Communication, Distribution.

The content represents the information contained in a flyer, a website, a page on social networks, in short everything in an advertising sheet.

It is then deduced that content marketing consists of developing content according to the qualities, colors and values of the product in order to stand out to take a prospect to purchase. It is the basis of digital communication.

However, the content is divided into several categories:

Video content: This is the development of a presentation video, a tutorial or a commercial. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve.

Do you know how to create a YouTube channel?

Note that you can monetize your YouTube channel with Google Adsense ads, sell affiliates or create sponsored content.

Do you know how to monetize a YouTube channel?

-Graphic content: it represents illustrative images that express a message. The image has a very high conversion power as it gives the first impression of your message so put a lot of attention and professionalism into creating your visuals. We highly recommend Canva which allows you to make superb communicative images and adaptable to your visual identity that you can use for social networks, blogs, flyers, business cards, invitation tickets, poster, brief elaboration of any graphic content and videos.


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-Audio content: These are podcasts. The podcast is the recording of an audio message and broadcast on the web. It’s now possible to add podcasts to your blog posts with Gutenberg blocks. Once in the editing page of your article, you will find the possibility via the choice of the editing block the addition of a podcast URL to enhance your articles. With not panic the blocks are free and automatic.

-Written content: this is the part that imprints the literature to impact its readers and convert them why not. This is the writing of articles with an explanatory or demonstrative purpose to provide information or strong arguments about what is being dealt with. The content writes to a strong power of notoriety reason why, it is very important for a company that wants to improve its online presence, its brand image and above all realize sales to adopt a written content policy when we know that sales are the result of a good argument.

Among the various possibilities of written content, we have the blog article writing, the sales sheet in the form of a landing page, the newsletter and communication on social networks that comes with graphic and video content. You can also monetize content written by influence marketing and affiliation.


Digital advertising is advertising via a digital channel such as social networks, search engines of content to increase its visibility, and activate sales. So, once you have well-developed content ready to convert your audience, you can enter the second part of digital marketing which is digital advertising.


Indeed, the first part was the development of relevant content that can then convert, the second part is the organization of advertising campaigns especially on social networks and displays (advertising on third-party websites) to maximize the visibility of this content. Paid referencing will be required to be present with people who are already looking for a solution on search engines. For your website, you’ll use:

-SEM or search engine marketing is the announcement of a link from your site (article link, product link) so that it appears first on search engine results thanks to a Google ADS or Bing ADS account that will be used to bid for a strategic keyword on which your campaign will be based.

To succeed in your SEM campaign, it all starts with a successful SEO accompanied by a campaign on the right keywords (SEA).

-SEA or search engine advertising is the auction payment of a keyword per CPC (cost-per-click) on the announced link to appear in first place on search results.

-SMO or social media optimization is social referencing, i.e. sharing your site’s links on social networks and sponsoring if necessary in order to bring more traffic to your site and thus improve your SEO.

Do you want to know more about the different types of online advertizing?


We’ve gone through the whole digital marketing aspect in two stages, namely content marketing and digital advertising, so you have all the arsenal you need to organize your custom digital marketing. However, it should be noted that digital marketing takes into account competitive intelligence, it therefore includes the variable price and organization of promotions, contest games… to activate a sale.

Need aesthetic content that converts, Marketing Pro International takes care of developing the best professional visuals and video to your company’s specific colors to better communicate about your offering and compete with special content marketing techniques. Also, digital advertising of your content to increase your visibility. Contact your expert a marketing plan designed for you based on your financial capacity.




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