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Blogging comes from the words blog and blog reference to a web magazine but then a web magazine specialized in a specific area. It can be sports, fashion, cosmetics, agriculture or livestock the blog serves to talk about the activity you develop in order to better detail the merits of your products or services: This is the company’s newspaper. But also, the blog allows you to share your passion with an audience that shares the same interests as you in order to flourish more in its world.


This is a great opportunity to be able to express yourself and give all the arguments you have in order to defend your company or your ideology at the national and international level. Why international? because, yes, you’ve done an article about your service offerings and throughout your writing, you’ve complied with SEARCH Engine Optimization (SEO) standards, your articles will be visible on search results when a user enters a keyword similar to your article on Google or Bing search engines. So it is necessary to write interesting articles respecting the SEO in order to be able to appear on search results and be visited around the world. However, for local search results (only in your country), having a Google my business account is very important : we will talk about local SEO.

We therefore intervene here to allow you to have the kindness to write interesting articles according to the SEO in order to have visibility on search engines and to achieve sales through CTA (CALL TO ACTION) according to the following program:


One-week theoretical courses

1- Definition and role of blogging .
2- How to create and manage a successful blog?
3- How do I write the content of an article and promote it?
4- How to monetize (monetize) your blog?
5- The most profitable niches
6- How do I create a newsletter?
7- How to organize newsletter campaigns?

After receiving your theoretical course throughout a week by email, we begin the practical phase which is the writing of your articles. But before you start, you are entitled to the creation and free updating of your site, by our agency to allow you to integrate articles and if you want to do it yourself, it’s always good news join our webdesign training.

In the presence of your site, we will accompany you in the writing of your first five articles not to write for you but to make corrections to the articles you have written. Thus, you will master how to write an article in a blog, how to link articles, how to have better external links in your articles, how to integrate media into an article, how to be interesting in your articles, how to respect the SEO.

As a bonus, we offer newsletter management training which is a great sales tool in digital marketing and if you switch to a WordPress Pro plan, you unlock google analytic and Google ADS training for free.


At the end of your training, if you write ten original articles in your blog, you are entitled to a certificate of completion of training issued by Marketing Pro International and attesting to your competence in web writing. You will now be able to apply for freelance or unspecified term web-writing positions in companies. You can also choose a passion and debate it to finally monetize your passion. You will become a web entrepreneur.

The price of our training is 155 Euro this includes all the services mentioned above for one week of theoretical courses and seven weeks of personalized assistance. Contact us for more information or register directly for our training.

You can also document yourself with this e-book to know how to become a successful blogger in one day.




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