Entrepreneur interview – how to become a distributor of Arven cosmetic products

On the occasion of the interview session of the entrepreneur organized by Marketing Pro International, we have the honor of receiving in our digital premises the manager of Arven Cosmetic Laboratories for a rewarding exchange in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Marketing Pro: Hello Madam manager of Arven Cosmetic Laboratories can you briefly introduce us to your company?

Arven Cosmetic: Arven Cosmetic Laboratories is a company specializing in the production and marketing of 100% natural cosmetic products, equipped with production equipment that meets the standards of state-of-the-art technology. They offer products certified under the BIO label and put on the market through the PURA brand. We decided to market these 100% organic solutions under the brand name PURA and our first challenge was the release of our PURA anti-war range.


Marketing Pro : What are your different products?

Arven cosmetic: we have the ranges of cosmetic products:
The PURA anti-war range consists of soap, anti-war cream and regenerative oil. The anti acne mask, soap, and treatment lotion range. The super moisturizing range consists of toilet milk, soap and face cream. The lightening range milk, shower gel and face cream. The super lightening range milk, shower gel and face cream. Beyond these ranges we also sell moisturizing and lightening vegetable glycerins, vegetable oils, (argan, fenugreek, lemon, fennel, parsley, chebe, onions, carrote,…), hair products (hair treatment, hair oil, champoing)

Marketing Pro : Are your products for a specific person category?

Arven cosmetic: they are designed for women and men.

Marketing Pro: Tell us what motivated you to create these beauty ranges?

Arven cosmetic: with an ever-renewed observation of skin problems that undermine the black and mixed race in this case (stretch marks, varicose veins, acne, eczema, scars, stains, shine…) and whose solutions proposed on the market were solutions made based on chemicals more or less harmful to the skin, we had a deep desire to revolutionize the field of cosmetics thanks to 100% natural products to solve these skin problems.

Marketing Pro: Do you have partner programs?

Arven cosmetic: programs for partners yes we have.
We have more than 100 partners in the CEMAC area and outside the CEMAC area and we intend to expand worldwide through our various partners.

Marketing Pro: What to do to become a distributor of your products?

Cosmetic Arven: You just need to have a landmark in any city or country and be identifiable.

Marketing Pro: What are your distribution channels

Arven cosmetic: in addition to our showroom (Pura shop) in Cameroon that we opened to allow our customers to be closer to us, we distribute through supermarkets, pharmacies and markets.

Marketing Pro: Do you have a website or a page on social networks?

Cosmetic Arven: We have a Facebook page with more than 12,000 followers @Les Arven cosmetic laboratories.

Marketing Pro: Do you think your digital representation adds something to your business? If so which one?

Arven cosmetic: yes of course for the moment only form of communication that I use is the digital 80% of my annual turnover results from digital.

Marketing Pro: Thank you for dedicing your time

Arven Cosmetic: We’re the ones who thank you

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