Digitalization of businesses- What are the benefits of corporate digitalization? Marketing Pro

First, we can define a business as a corporate entity, with the people who can follow and run it. It is an open, finalised, organized and regulated system of inter-reaction actors and functions. It is a group of people assembled for the same cause namely to create profits or provide humanitarian assistance in case of social entrepreneurship.


At the head of a company is the entrepreneur-called entrepreneur who manages his teams divided into departments: administrative department, accounting department, production department, financial department, department Commercial.

He may be accompanied in his management duties by persons who have participated in the background capital of the company called shareholders for capital companies (S.A) or associates for small and medium-sized enterprises (SARL, association).

Departments vary according to the types of companies, such as small businesses, which can combine the finance and accounting department into one department. It will depend on the financial capacity and the company’s scope of activity.

By field of activity, we have agricultural enterprises that are mainly engaged in farming, commercial enterprises that buy and resell goods without processing, industrial enterprises that turn raw material into finished product, financial companies such as banks and insurance, service providers who sell only services like know-how.

So how do we talk about digitalization in this process?

What is a digital company?

What are the benefits of digitalization?


The principle of digitalization is born with digitization, i.e. the use of digital devices in business. Certainly digital tools have been used for a long time, but their use is still increasingly progressing which implies that they participate in the active development of a company.


A digital company is a company first installed in digital, and which uses digital to grow its activities. This implies:

– The creation of a website that recognizes the company, with features necessary to serve an online customer: online registration, online purchase order, online booking, online payment, online training, online membership…

The creation of professional pages on social networks for advertising communication needs.

– The creation of a news page on your website, for permanent information of your activity namely : the functioning of your products or services, the trend, the achievements, the future projects, the novelties, all this to place yourself first in a professional, in order to grow the credibility of the company and to give the necessary information that can activate sales to your audience. Do you know how to do a web essay.

– The creation of an e-mailing list, which will be used to master the psychology of your prospects who have taken the first step to register ingest your newsletter, which expresses their interest in what you propose. All you have to do is boost them and convince them to make a purchase.

However, the scanning process doesn’t stop only in the marketing aspect. As we stated above, we have several departments that make up a business and these departments are interdependent, i.e. one department needs another department to operate and vice versa. The digital principle can then be used not only for data to be exchanged (words files, pdf, media), by email or through a social messaging network like whatsapp, but also the system can be computerized for each department from adapted software.


This will include accounting management software, customer management software, payment software (human resources), computational software (excel), input software (words), e-commerce software (Woocommerce), website creation software (WordPress) … The list continues as required.

A digital company is then a company that uses each software adapted according to its different departments.

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Digitalizing your business has many advantages for both the user staff and the customer staff.

1- For the user (company)

  • Storage of all processed information
  • Quick data exchange
  • Better communication
  • Efficiency
  • Entrepreneurship

2- For customers

  • Easy approach
  • Continuous follow-up
  • A better customer experience.

Let’s see together how to better understand these benefits.

Indeed, the storage of all processed information is possible from software that archives all your processed data provided it is recorded of course and filed by folder for better exploitation. This allows for better security of documents that are spared from the wear and tear of paper documents. Also, you can choose to lock your computer using a password or set it up so that only you can process any folder. It’s a peace of mind that gives you more confidence in your work.

Securing your data online is really a matter of concern more specifically working in cloud mode, that is, any recording of your documents or personal information on remote servers : we will talk about securing the cloud translated by the word cybersecurity.

Rapid data exchange : We are unaware of the importance of communication in a company both internally and externally. Internal communication serves to recall the objectives of each department and to send data necessary to achieve these objectives, while external communication is used to place judicious orders to suppliers based on changes in the business. This communication will be fast thanks to the Internet which favors sending documents from a connection. This will be all the more possible thanks to the mail or whatsapp and more precisely whatsapp web for companies. This speed in communicating information for the sequence of work increases productivity and reduces transport costs because not only can any file can be done remotely, but also the more information you do on time, the better you process it. on time.

However, the information system becomes more accessible through internet search and the evolution of competitors on professional pages that result in a faster action plan and rapid disclosure of information.

Better advertising communication : Digital advertising has the distinction of being more efficient and less expensive thanks to social networks that allow to target its potential customers but also, search engines that allow you to have in search results by visitors looking for a company in your field (SEO, SEA). These niches that you can exploit and enrich with quality information for your business will only overestimate what will shape a brand image for your business that will affect all factors such as turnover and recruitment.


A company’s brand ingset has a primary impact on its development. A well-regarded company with the ability to recruit staff, achieve sales and better reinvest to improve its strategies and grow constantly. It is of paramount importance to work on your brand image thanks to a communication that respects the visual identity and an ever more appropriate message.

Digitally, advertising communication consists of opening pages on popular social networks and publishing relevant content that brings real value to your target so that they can make a contribution and are more interested in your proposals. This includes image and video design software for better visual rendering accompanied by an interesting advertising message that matches the image. As a tip, you can apply the sales funnel technique on social networks and continue to nurture your community through news, tips and tricks, surveys, in short keep a permanent relationship that triggers the loyalty process.

He’s going for efficiency. How effective would you be when customers have a good image of you, your data is secure and archived, when you can simply continue to process through software the work started, when your tasks to accomplish you reach your office, when you can contact your colleague, chef or sulbaterne in a time labs of your office, all this contributes to your development and can only make you more efficient. Remember that developing at work is a productive factor rather than stress because you will play it as a breeze.

However, corporate digitalization is a major factor in the development of entrepreneurship. Since you are able to have an online business using a web hosting plan offered by WordPress, it’s easy to present your service offerings as a showcase site, and explain their roles from the blog, social networks and YouTube. You can also monetize your blog or YouTube channel with affiliation, sponsored content, Google ADS… and you know well the price of a web hosting is more than surprising given the cost of a space to rent. What’s more, you can move to hosting online shops via Woocommerce and practice dropshipping. It’s great to start from a minimum to become a great business man/woman. I explain the dropshipping in detail in my ebook entrepreneurship in the 21st century.


Digitalization has also created new professions that will be called digital professions.


On the customer side, who does not know all the work behind the result, digitalization concerns him in terms of the rendering of your website and your social media. It then has an easy way to contact you through these channels for wider information. If it offers your services, it can simply subscribe to your various channels and continue to follow your proposals. This creates a better customer experience if indeed in view of what you present, you address his concerns online (email box) and as we all know, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer and the best ambassador of your Brand.


In conclusion, we can say that digitizing one’s business reveals a vital importance for the development of your business from factors such as facilitating tasks from programmed software, reducing lost time, reduction of energy expended, remote task resolution from the evolution of communication techniques (social networks, search engines, telework softwares), saving in advertising costs through reduced digital communication costs, which do not contribute to the profitability of your efforts.

Need to digitize your marketing department, it’s a good idea, marketing is the main source of income for a company because it is responsible for producing an attractive image towards the customer, converting it and retaining it. So use state-of-the-art techniques tailored to the context and environment for best results. Command here , you will have your return on investment.

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